Sweet City: Chicago's Best Candy Stores 1

Sweet City: Chicago’s Best Candy Stores

In most places, if you want to pick up some of your favorite candy, you go to a big box store, a grocery store, or a convenience store. Not in Chicago, by gum. In this sweet city, we’ve got entire stores dedicated to one thing and one thing only: candy. Here are Chicago’s best candy stores.

Chicago Christmas Tree Recycling 3

Chicago Christmas Tree Recycling

Chicago Christmas tree recycling is available at 25 locations from January 6, 2018, through January 20, 2018. You can also pick up free mulch at six locations.

Find a Fresh Chicago Christmas Tree

There’s nothing like the smell of an evergreen in your living room to put you in the holiday spirit. But where oh where can you find a tree that came from a farm, not from a box?