Cobblestone’s Brunch is Sweet. Also Savory. Also both.

Sunday Brunch in Chicago is a big deal. You’ve got Steingold’s, Uproar, and Bar Avec blowing up Instagram every weekend with gorgeous, delicious dishes. Now add the Cobblestone to the brunch list. Executive Chef Michael McCloud Offers A Li’l Sweet, Li’l Savory And L’il In Between On A Menu Crafted To Wake Up Tastebuds While New Brunch Cocktails Inspire Weekend Toasts

The newly opened Cobblestone Restaurant is ready to welcome guests to Weekend Brunch at the restaurant and cider bar located in Chicago’s North Center neighborhood near Lincoln Square. The Weekend Brunch will be served from 10:30 a.m. – 2:30 p.m., Saturdays and Sundays beginning August 14.  Executive Chef Michael McCloud’s new Weekend Brunch menu features scrumptious options designed to revive one after a night on the town, as well as fresh and healthy dishes complemented by thirst-quenching new cocktails

Cobblestone Restaurant’s menu offers a dish for everyone in your brunch party, even those mirthless, picky eaters who can’t be satisfied. Savory:  schnitzel and waffles dish kicks the tired and played-out chicken and waffles standard to the curb. It’s a chicken-fried pork loin, lemon and poppyseed waffles, citrus ricotta, and maple molasses. Sweet: pecan pie French toast with a salted caramel glaze. Both: farro arugula salad with blistered cherry tomatoes, farro crunch, fig vinaigrette, and goat cheese croutons.

If your mirthless, picky eater friend is suddenly sporting a rare smile of contentment right about now, double down with your drink order. Cobblestone has a new libations menu for their midday drinkers:

  • Papa’s Brew – bourbon, maple syrup, fresh squeezed lemon juice; topped with seasonal cider
  • Cider Boy – bourbon, cider, fresh squeezed lemon juice, maple syrup, egg whites

“Our guests should expect to be energized and ready to enjoy the rest of their weekend after they’ve enjoyed a weekend brunch with us, and we’re excited to offer these lower-ABV cider cocktails to complement their meal,” says Andy Knuth, general manager, and beverage director.

I recently spent a few minutes with Knuth (see his entry in the “Whiskey, Neat” column at All American Whiskey) and we talked about their beverage program. Specifically, their ambitious series of custom cocktails. They debut a new drink every Friday (their Neighborhood Bully was a cool skew on the classic whiskey sour, using Knob Creek whiskey and named by yours truly).

Other beverages include a nod to the owner’s Czech heritage with the Czechgria (white wine, Pierre Ferrand dry curacao, mixed berries, lemon bitters) while those who cannot decide (like your humorless cohort) can choose the Mimosa Flights featuring four three-ounce pours of four styles including the Classic (prosecco, fresh-squeezed orange juice), Caleb’s (rosé, cranberry juice), Markus’ (rosé, lemon juice), and the Passion Project (Prosecco, passion fruit juice).

But don’t forget Cobblestone is a cider bar with an impressive collection of distinct ciders on tap, including Stem’s Paloma, a grapefruit forward cider you’ll swear was made with mezcal. It’s not unlike a cider version of the ever-popular Stiegler Radler. The rest of Cobblestone’s ciders are equally impressive. Their bottled cider list is also good, even if they carry the incredibly well-known cider named after a bird which I won’t say out loud because it is the Michelob Lite of ciders. But maybe you like that. You do you.

“We like to have fun in our restaurant so at the end of a long week, gather your friends and family for brunch and relax on our magnificent outdoor patios or cozied up inside over some great food and drinks,” says owner Dr. Markus Chwajol.

Cobblestone Chicago now serves Weekend Brunch Saturdays and Sundays from 10:30 a.m. – 2:30 p.m., dinner is served Wednesday to Friday 5 p.m. – Midnight and Saturday and Sunday 3 p.m. – Midnight. Located at 4337 N. Lincoln Ave., reservations may be made by calling 773-935-2255 or visiting Follow @cobblestone_chicago.