The Art Of Bowing

The theatre is dead. And you have the front row seat in Haven Chicago's multifaceted production of The Art of Bowing.

Your Chicago Guide’s tickets for two to the press viewing of The Art Of Bowing courtesy of Haven Theatre.

The Art Of Bowing 2
Production photo by Michael Brosilow

The theatre is DEAD. And you have a front row seat! In this world premiere, three actors stumble onto an empty stage as they realize the theatre has died. In a last-ditch effort to revive it, they go on a journey through time and space to figure out the secret to what it takes to bear a creative soul in this modern world.

The Art Of Bowing 3
Production photo by Michael Brosilow

The Art of Bowing, a new play by Nathan Alan Davis, is a mystical, metatheatrical, and effervescent journey spanning multiple eras, places, and dimensions. Nominated for the L. Arnold Weissberger Award in 2014, Haven Chicago developed this work for a “post-pandemic” society. This story of humanity tackles the strength of the artistic soul and what it means to be an “actor”. With the help of three characters, the audience is launched into a play with no fourth wall, no handholding, and no holds barred.

The Art Of Bowing 4
Production photo by Michael Brosilow

This puzzling and challenging new play is directed by Ian Damont Martin. Neither Davis nor Martin offer much assistance in our interpretation of the play’s meaning. In seven scenes, the cast of three versatile actors present many ideas and pose many questions without answers. The reaction of the audience is an integral part of this production. Presented without intermission or readmittance, The Art of Bowing runs two full hours, allowing the viewer plenty of time to contemplate its true meaning.

The Art Of Bowing 5
Production photo by Michael Brosilow

“Y’all see all this emptiness? Can you believe it? The theatre finally died!” The cast dubs themselves the Three Resurrectors, and sets out to revive the theatre by producing their own play. What should this resurrection play be exactly? Epic? Classic? Comedic? Contemporary and relevant? The play traverses all of the above, leaving the audience to decide for themselves.

The Art Of Bowing 6
Production photo by Michael Brosilow

The Art of Bowing leaves the viewer wit more questions than answers. But maybe that’s the whole point. The only real answer I can offer you is this: the theatre is most decidedly NOT dead. This production, not without its issues, manages to be engaging, fast moving, and entertaining. If this is theatre’s resurrection, I am happy to have that front row seat. You too can bear witness by grabbing a ticket.

The Art Of Bowing 7
Production photo by Michael Brosilow

The Den Theatre is pleased to host Haven Theatre’s production of The Art of Bowing, performing July 12 – August 13 2023 at 1331 N. Milwaukee Avenue, in Chicago’s Wicker Park neighborhood.Tickets are currently available at or by calling (773) 697-3830.