FRANKENSTREISAND: The Kitsch, The Cocktails, The Spooky Fun

The music... the mem'ries... the magic... the dog cloning! Hell in a Handbag Productions brings it all in the campy premiere of FRANKENSTREISAND. That's Dr. Frankenstreisand to you, darling!

Your Chicago Guide’s tickets fore two to the premiere of Frankensreisand courtesy of Hell in a Handbag Productions.

The music… the mem’ries… the magic… the dog cloning! This Halloween season, Hell in a Handbag Productions kicks off its 2022-23 season with the world premiere of FRANKENSTREISAND. Created by Tyler Anthony Smith and directed by Stephanie Shaw, the show is playing throughOctober 31, 2022, at The Raven Room at Redline VR Bar.

FRANKENSTREISAND: The Kitsch, The Cocktails, The Spooky Fun 2
Production photo by Rick Aguilar Studios.

Take a peek at what’s under Barbra’s underground mall – Babs’ secret laboratory! Witness Dr. Barbra Frankenstreisand’s first performance in 27 years, having gone into seclusion after her precious dog Samantha suddenly died. All these years later, The Greatest Star is back, and she’s determined to clone her perished pooch live on stage. She’s brought all of her tools! But because of those fingernails, she’s going to need a little help. Enter her loyal assistant, The Hunchback, and a tired but vampy German stage manager Frau. Don’t be surprised if Barry Gibb, Judy Garland, and other mega-stars stop by for a visit. And hum along with twisted versions of all the signature Barbra songs you expect to hear in a show of this caliber! Don’t sit and putter! Be one of the luckiest people in the world and see… FRANKENSTREISAND!

FRANKENSTREISAND: The Kitsch, The Cocktails, The Spooky Fun 3
Production photo by Rick Aguilar Studios.

What happens when Dr. Frankenstein meets Barbra Streisand during Halloween season? If you have ever wondered that, wonder no more. Full of camp, laughs and glitter, FRANKENSTREISAND is a sight to behold. It is even better with cocktails, which are conveniently sold just outside the theatre doors. Thank you, Red Line VR Bar, for enhancing the experience.

FRANKENSTREISAND: The Kitsch, The Cocktails, The Spooky Fun 4
Production photo by Rick Aguilar Studios.

Hell in a Handbag is dedicated to the preservation, exploration, and celebration of works ingrained in the realm of popular culture via theatrical productions through parody, music and homage. True to the company’s mission statement, FRANKENSTREISAND doesn’t take itself too seriously. Neither should you. This show is better with a fun group of friends, who enjoy a few cocktails and plenty of belly laughs. Grab a cabaret table in front of the stage, one that comes with drinks service, and watch the audience hoot and holler at the crazy antics on stage. Happy spooky season indeed!

Hell in a Handbag Production’s FRANKENSTREISAND is now playing at The Raven Room at Red Line VR Bar, 4702 N. Ravenswood Avenue, in Chicago North Side’s Ravenswood neighborhood.

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