ACME Hotel Company: 13 Reasons You Should Stay

There’s really no other way to put this: ACME Hotel Company is cool. It’s got a vibe that’ll make you feel like you’re cool just by staying there.

Seriously. Cool.

What makes this boutique hotel so, um, cool? Here’s a baker’s dozen reasons why ACME is more than just a place to sleep for the night.

Full Disclosure: ACME Hotel Company provided one night accommodations. All opinions are mine and weren’t influenced at all by the sweet suite.

ACME Hotel Company
ACME Hotel Company

1. Location Location Location

Want the hot restaurants and nightlife of River North? Check.

Want to spend a few on the Mag Mile? Check.

ACME is located smack dab in between two of the busiest neighborhoods in Chicago.

Plus, it’s half a block away from Eataly. It’s so close they even share the same garage. If you haven’t been to Eataly, go. Trust me.

2. Art Everywhere

This hotel is seriously into its art. Almost as serious as it is about its music. There’s a huge abstract mural behind the front desk. The rooms have giant hands on the walls (which is way better than writing). The bathroom mirrors have big red lip-prints that glow in the dark.

The doors are hung with chalkboards so you can leave your own Do Not Disturb – or any other – message.

Do Not Disturb Except for Coffee at ACME Hotel Company
Do Not Disturb Except for Coffee at ACME Hotel Company

3. Music Rocks

The elevators are lined with record jackets. Speaking of the elevators, forget musak. These shafts play some classic rock & roll.

Suites are equipped with Bowers and Wilkins Zeppelin wireless audio systems so you can listen like a rock star (just don’t destroy the room like one).

4. No HDMI required

No need to bring your HDMI cable if you want to watch Netflix. Their televisions are equipped with hook-ups for both Apples and PCs.

5. Free WiFi

Not just slow-moving you-can-check-your-email-but-that’s-it free WiFi. They provide a connection you can actually use to get some work done. Or watch aforesaid Netflix.


Forget paying $20 to have a pot of coffee delivered to your room. You don’t have to make a mess with those one-cup coffee makers with pods that are always too big for the little plastic sleeve.

At ACME you get a thermos of coffee from West Town Bakery delivered to your door when you want. FOR FREE. (They’ll even bring you tea, if you’re so inclined. FOR FREE.)

Morning Joe from West Town Bakery, photo credit ACME Hotel Company
Morning Joe from West Town Bakery, photo credit ACME Hotel Company

7. Knock & Drop

ACME’s version of room service, with Knock & Drop you use the handy-dandy provided tablet to browse their menu items.

When you order, you specify a time you’d like it delivered. They knock, they drop, you eat.

And since it’s coming from West Town Bakery it’s local and it’s good. It’s also amazingly cheap. A ham and cheese croissant and a bagel filled with lox, cream cheese, and capers, both served with Chobani yogurt, an apple, and orange juice, was just $16.

You can’t buy that anywhere in downtown Chicago for $16.

Knock and Drop Breakfast from West Town Bakery at ACME Hotel Company
Knock and Drop Breakfast from West Town Bakery at ACME Hotel Company

8. Rain shower heads that ACTUALLY have water pressure

Pet peeve: rain shower heads. I know hotels love them, spas love them, interior designers love them.

Not me.

If I wanted to have water slowly drip on me I would actually step out into the rain. ACME, somehow, has turned their Rain shower heads into functioning plumbing.

9. A mini-bar you can afford

Unlike most mini-bars, where a bag of peanuts and a can of cola will cost you more than a Chicago parking ticket, the mini-bars at ACME are reasonable.

Sure, it’d be cheaper if you ran to the Trader Joe’s or the Jewel, but that’s not nearly as convenient as popping a 312 out for just $5.

9. Cheap Suites

Hip rooms at the ACME Hotel in River North Chicago

Want to spread out? How about a wet bar? Microwave? Refrigerator pull-out sofa coffee tables extra television? They can all be yours for about $80 more to upgrade from a City View Queen.

Ready to stay at ACME Hotel Company in downtown Chicago? Read reviews | Book your room

10. Best hotel bar

How do you tell when a hotel bar is a good hotel bar? Stop into The Berkshire Room and you’ll see more locals than tourists.

If you want craft, barrel-finished cocktails you can’t go wrong at this plush spot.

Side note: the bar gets its name from the hotel that stood on the same property and was a mob haunt in the ’50s.

11. The hot tub has beach balls

‘Nuff said.

12. Packages that make sense

Lots of hotel packages get you to pay more than you actually would if you bought the amenities a la carte. ACME’s “Hair of the Dog” add-on is $25 and provides two bottles of Gatorade, two aspirin packets, and a $25 certificate to MBurger. Wonder if they offer that for non-hotel guests…

13. And finally, it’s got a cool name

Wile E. Coyote, anyone?

Wile E. Coyote Have Brain Will Travel

There are probably more reasons to stay (like the painted ladies just hanging out in the middle of the hotel) at ACME Hotel Company. Add your own and make reservations. Read reviews | Book your room

Painted ladies in center of ACME Hotel Company

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