Murder, ReWrote

Murder, ReWrote Is Hell In A Handbag’s campy parody of ’80s mystery TV series, Murder She Wrote. The Chicago troupe's latest production at the Den Theatre in Wicker Park recreates an episode of the beloved show, from the opening credits to the final frame.

Your Chicago Guide’s tickets for two to the press viewing of Murder, ReWrote courtesy of Hell in a Handbag Productions.

Murder, ReWrote 2
Production photo by Rick Aguilar Studios

Hell in Handbag tops off its 2022-23 season summer with a world premiere of Murder, ReWrote, a spectacle created and written by Ed Rutherford and George Howe with Hell in a Handbag in mind. In this affectionate musical parody of a certain well-known syndicated TV show, a widowed Maine mystery writer Bessica Feltcher becomes embroiled in murder and mayhem when she visits a faded movie star’s mansion in the Hamptons.

Murder, ReWrote 3
Production photo by Rick Aguilar Studios

When the star’s extremely annoying daughter, Christina, is murdered, her “Mommie Dearest,” June Crayfish, is the prime suspect. It’s up to Bessica to find the murderer with the help of the audience, and some modern technology! Murder, ReWrote is stuffed with humor for both the casual Murder, She Wrote viewer and the deep-cut Fletcher fanatic. Along with her nephew, Grady, Bessica Feltcher embarks to solve the crime, singing and dancing her way through the clues.

Murder, ReWrote 4
Production photo by Rick Aguilar Studios

The show features Handbag ensemble members David Cerda, Ed Jones and Tyler Anthony Smith with Britain Shutters as Bessica Feltcher. Ultimately, the audience gets to decide who killed Christina via a QR poll. Get those phones ready! We will not tell you who the murderer turned out to be. Let’s just say, it can go several different ways.

Murder, ReWrote 5
Production photo by Rick Aguilar Studios

Murder, ReWrote is great frothy fun, lighthearted and full of innuendo, as most of Hell in a Handbag shows tend to be. Grab your friends and parse the mystery for context and clues over drinks at the bar. Plenty of laughter guaranteed!

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Production photo by Rick Aguilar Studios

The Den Theatre is hosting Hell in a Handbag’s production of Murder, ReWrote, which is now EXTENDED through September 18th, 2023, at 1331 N. Milwaukee Avenue in Chicago’s Wicker Park neighborhood.

Tickets are currently available at or by calling (773) 697-3830.