History of Chicago

Michigan Avenue Bridge

The Michigan Avenue Bridge was built in 1920 to connect the north and south sides of Chicago with a grand boulevard. The bridge was part of Daniel Burnham’s Plan Of …

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Tribune Tower

With its flying buttresses and neo-Gothic architecture, the Tribune Tower is one of Chicago’s most distinctive skyscrapers. It was born out of a design competition and has become a destination …

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The Historic Drake Hotel, one of the iconic hotels on the Magnificent Mile in downtown Chicago

The Drake Hotel

The Drake Hotel, located at the north end of Chicago’s Magnificent Mile, is synonymous with luxury and history. From its opening in 1920 until today it has remained a symbol …

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How Chicago Got Its Name

Chicago may be the third largest city in the United States, but that doesn’t change the fact that it has an odd name. The origin of New York’s moniker is …

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