The Local Tourist Speakeasy

During Prohibition, green doors signified a secret den for only those in the know. It was a mythical place, shrouded in mystery.

(And booze. Lots of booze.)

Writing a book seems like its own mythical place. What’s the process? How does it happen? Do I need a special knock? What’s the password?

(Where’s the booze?)

The answers: it’s complicated; how long have you got; yes; and I’d tell you but then I’d have to…

(In the bottom right desk drawer, hello?)

Prohibition is long gone, but if you want to know what it’s like to write a book, then you’re officially invited to step inside the makings of author Theresa L. Goodrich’s third, no password required.

(Booze optional.)

Based in the Windy City, this tale will be filled with intrigue and defiance, romance and betrayal. There will be stories of fire (because it is Chicago, after all), innovation, survival, social justice, destruction, renewal, and oh, so many big plans.

Caroline Clarke, Bertha Palmer, Cap Streeter, Jane Addams, Jean Baptiste Point DuSable, John Kinzie, Marshall Field, Dankmar Adler, Max Adler (Related? We’ll find out), and Louis Sullivan: these are not just names that grace streets, parks, neighborhoods, and edifices.

These were living, breathing, risk-taking, history-making people.

You should meet them. And their neighbors.

Theresa wants to introduce you.

TLT Speakeasy is a behind-the-green-door look into the birth of a book. You’ll get first look at excerpts and anecdotes, and an insight into the process of writing a compelling tale. You might get one email a week or three in a day. There’ll be no ads and no affiliate links, but you might get an invitation to take a tour or a Q&A with Theresa. Either way, these missives will be¬†exclusive, sent only to those in the know.

It’ll be our very own TLT Speakeasy.

Join this secret (or not-so-secret) society of readers, history buffs, and lovers of all things Chicago!